Apr 27, 2011

"Girls are more intelligent than boys"

At the school's most recent debate, I was put in charge of scoring the participants on "expression/content." This allowed me to take notes without feeling awkward. Following is my summary of the arguments for and against the statement: "Girls are more intelligent than boys."

For (“which I say a big YES to”)
  • girls are found in art, science, politics
  • girls send boys to fight wars for them while the girls sit at home and enjoy
  • intelligence cannot only be defined by test scores
  • girls are good at domestic work
  • girls can handle different positions without problem
  • girls have been leading boys in exams
  • best student in grade eleven last year was a girl
  • the president says educating girl child means educating the nation
  • girls never get caught stealing; the girls send the boys out while the girls stay home and enjoy
  • boys play games and refuse to fetch firewood for their parents
  • boys are sleeping in classrooms
  • the boys are only intelligent when it comes to stupidness
  • if you hit your head with a stone it will be good for the stone but it will never be good for you
  • a girl will ask a boyfriend to buy something for her and he will not have the money
  • girls are important
  • Delilah’s intelligence caused Sampson to go against Allah
  • a woman’s intelligence caused Adam to go against Allah
  • girls cannot be compared to boys
  • girls can catch criminals but boys cannot
  • two girls from the school are now at Gambia College but only one boy is
  • boys write on the blackboard, the fence, the walls, etc. while girls are writing notes that will help them
  • even in our homes our mothers are more intelligent than our fathers; fathers sit around talking at the bantaba while mothers discuss school fees

Against (“which I say a big NO to”)
  • boys are physically stronger and have a wider capacity for thinking
  • the government is supporting girls because girls are far behind
  • boys are not called to conferences, e.g. for child rights and gender, because boys already know that information
  • girls and boys are like rabbits and hyenas
  • looking at past school records boys have been among the top students
  • girls are always dropping out from poor performance and failing exams
  • we rarely see boys repeating more than one year
  • there are more boys than girls at school
  • intelligent boys do not impregnate girls, but girls get impregnated by dumb boys
  • the great discoveries of science have been made by men
  • God says leaders should be respected and often leaders are men
  • it is a natural phenomenon that boys are ahead of girls in every way and there is nothing we can do to change
  • girls spend boys hard-earned money buying asobis
  • girls spend all their intelligence on break time
  • the thinking capacity of boys is stronger than girls’
  • doing domestic work doesn’t require intelligence
  • girls don’t know what is good for them, they just want to satisfy themselves
  • girls only intelligence is in harassing boys sexually; they will start walking like little girls until they meet a boy then they will walk like a [some non-English word that elicited laughter and applause]
  • girls are used as domestic slaves because of the intelligence of boys
  • our ancestors believed boys are more intelligent because they can defend the family
  • the government is helping girls because they know boys are naturally gifted by the Almighty
  • Adam would not have been called to examine with the angels if boys weren’t more intelligent
  • boys are leading in exams
  • girls don’t take teachers’ instruction but boys do
  • girls are provided with everything and still they are lagging behind
  • men are more leaders than females
  • boys are more performing in chemistry, physics and mathematics
  • Islamically it is accepted for a man to lead in prayer but not women
  • a lot of presidents who are men, although some are women they are not as many—why? it is because of weakness of women.
  • boys are always thinking about exams but girls are always thinking about boyfriends
  • 0.22% of girls will pass


Anonymous said...

Hmmp. I'm a female, and I actually try well in school. I get good grades, and am in track. I believe should have the same rights. Besides, I'm a leader, not a follower.

Anonymous said...

Is this satire? Yes is the correct answer as such stupidity has to be intentional. This pompous and elitist post is in its entirety based on broad generalizations and contradictions.
If you wish to contribute to the cesspool of feminist garbage than at least state only facts and remain impartial. Good day madam.